Advertising types on Instagram, pricing, and efficiency

Instagram ads have a lot of different methods where you pay money, and you get followers or even leads. A business always has the goal of getting customers and leads.


But you can do it quickly - directly offering to buy products or making "long-term sells" - building a partnership with the customer.

Set your goals. Why should one use advertising via Instagram?

  • Advertising on Instagram leads to higher outreach and more sales. For example, the Smirnoff brand redistributed their spending off Facebook in favor of advertising on Instagram Stories because they no longer believe the outreach on Facebook.
  • Mobile traffic is cheaper for the advertiser, and you attract up to three times as many potential customers by spending half as much. At the same time, mobile platforms are only growing in popularity. In five years, smartphone information consumption will reach 90%. The remaining 10% of users will use desktops to work and generate professional content.
  • Targeting ads using Instagram is better, thanks to Facebook's algorithms.

How to Advertise on Instagram?

Instagram advertising has a lot of different methods where you pay money, and you get followers or even leads. A business always has the goal of getting customers and leads. But you can do it quickly - directly offering to buy products or make "long-term sells" - building a partnership with the customer.

Types of Instagram advertisements

Advertising on Instagram is easy, but you still need to know some basics on How to run ads on Instagram

Ads come in two types: paid and free.

Free advertising includes:

Direct messages. Yes, you can still send "personal messages" to your rivals' subscribers whose comments or questions have been unanswered. This is an example of a guerrilla marketing method, and it requires persistence and time, yet it allows you to attract your target customers and entice them with quality service.

Working with brand ambassadors. Suggesting different bloggers show off your products at events is no longer fashionable. Not long ago, Instagram was taken over by a wave of "searching for ambassadors" among regular users. The users with 300-400 followers were offered to make a screenshot of stories and tag the brand, thereby participating in the competition for the title "new endorser." Then, 5-10 people were selected, to which the brand promised to send its products in exchange for appropriate content in the future.

To be sure, engagement at that point skyrocketed among the creative accounts. But it is not yet clear whether such extraordinary generosity will have a long-lasting effect.

Giveaway. The trend for these, oddly enough, has not ended yet. This technique works as follows: you gather a team of brands or bloggers with the same target audience and take a certain amount of participation from them. With this money, you buy prizes and run ads. In those ads, you can ask to subscribe to all the brands for about a month and participate in random prize giveaways.

Mutual PR. The old Jewish technique of "I give you, you give me." The main point is to understand your target audience well and to find a profile that meets your requirements. And you have to know how to make a deal.

Paid advertising is targeted advertising or advertising with bloggers on Instagram, in modern terms, - Influencers.

According to the layout, advertising on Instagram is divided into posts in the feed and Stories posting. In the first case, here we have some tips on How to set up ads on Instagram:

Carousels of photos or videos. They attract more attention. Conversion depends on how successful the publication is. Use the right types of Instagram ads for different products. Otherwise, you risk getting a significant reach and low-targeted actions. Please make sure the first slide is the one that gets a person's attention as much as possible, and the last one encourages them to click on the button.

The link button to the website. To increase conversions, don't forget to include a call to action in the picture and indicate with an arrow where exactly a person needs to click.

Videos. Short videos up to 1 minute are good if your goal is views. So this format can be used to promote sales videos or music clips.

Stories. Their advantage is that the content is as native as possible, and this ensures good interaction, even if there aren't many subscribers in the account yet.

The critical thing to remember is that the call to target action should be clear and brief. After all, the picture "stays" on the screen for only a couple of seconds, and the video automatically scrolls after playback.

Tips for creating ads on Instagram and where are Instagram ads supposed to be

Tip #1. As you've realized, you can set up ads through both your Facebook account and your Instagram profile. In the first case, you can increase interaction; in the second, you can get more new subscribers.

Tip #2. A Facebook IQ research showed that the appearance of a product in Stories could Increase the level of interest and trust among active users on Instagram.

Tip #3. When creating ads in Stories, pay attention to the following factors:

  • Relevance to the audience
  • Length of the video clip
  • Beneficial product demonstration
  • Optimization of the creativity for the Stories format

And remember, users on Instagram can't stand boredom. Keep them entertained all the time!