Collection of the target audience on Instagram | Parsing of the target audience – how to collect

How to find a target audience in Instagram | Audience Finding Tips, Top of the Best Target Audience Parsers


Due to the international popularity of Instagram, most businesses prefer searching potential clients there. Variety of social categories in the network allows companies` owners direct advertizing on the target audience and get prolific outcomes.    

·       Where to find the target audience on Instagram?

Identifying the portrait of the target audience on Instagram is a crucial and urgent step in promoting your product. Seemingly complicated procedure appears simple with the presence of three necessary points: a little bit of time, rational thinking, and a good parser. These instruments facilitate and increase efficiency of each search.  

·       Using competitors` accounts

Monitoring the profiles of your competitors and the activity of their followers may lead to impressive results. People who subscribe to your rivals` pages are your target audience as they are interested in the product similar to yours. Make a list of new followers for the last several days and remove bots and business accounts. 

·       Using hashtags

Identify a few hashtags that perfectly characterize your product and search them on Instagram. Look for the most liked and commented posts, write down the owners of these publications. In such a way, you will have a list of profiles from similar sphere to sparse their subscribers.  

·       Using insta spies

Such services show other people's likes in this social network, and help to gather an active audience. You can collect a list of active users and use it further to promote your page in Instagram.

·       How to collect an account followers

Collection of the future clients is extremely important for good development and successful promotion. You may search for accounts and create databases manually, but it definitely takes a lot of time and effort. That’s why it is advisable to address professional services. 

·       Collection of Instagram account using geoposition

Searching people via their geoposition helps to find customers in a definite city or region. This method is widely used by newly created companies or those who are interested only in regional promotion. Parser will collect the audience, which posted posts with the selected geolocation.

·       Other ways of Instagram accounts parsing

Taking advantage of Instagram parsing, you have all actions performed automatically: just establish the necessary search parameters (gender, tags, competitors), and then the program or cloud service starts searching for the target audience. Subsequently, you can interact with the collected audience: subscribe and give likes, comment on posts, watch stories, send messages to Direct. 

·       What are parsers on Instagram?

Parser is a special service for collecting the target audience according to the necessary characteristics. It works for the next scheme:

-        Loading the parameters;

-        Identification of the sources of search for users;

-        Forming a database according to the set criteria;

-        Cleaning the base from bots, commercial and dead accounts;

-        Exporting the results.

This work scheme is fully automated and does not require your intermediate intervention. This approach saves a lot of time searching for the right target audience.

·       Top-10 parsers on Instagram

Avodata has created a list of top-10 the most effective Instagram parsers. You may have one or several that perfectly suits your needs and start promotion.

·       Zengram Parser

This tool offers audience search with the help of hasgtags, geolocation, and analysis of similar accounts. Besides, there is an insta spy for catching clients.

·       Instatracker

The instrument finds an active target audience among competitors' accounts, suggesting suitable sources for gathering new subscribers. Besides, it configures search by hashtags or geolocation for a more accurate selection of the "hot" audience.

·       Bridgit

With Bridgit you can start promoting your Instagram account, do direct mailings, plan publications, get full statistics and increase sales through instagram.

·       Tooligram

The work of this tool is based on massliking and massfollowing. You can search for target audience by hashtags, geolocation, competitors' followers, or upload your own database. You can also narrow and segment the collected Instagram accounts based on a variety of criteria.

·       Pepper.Ninja

Pepper.Ninja is a parser that helps you find your target audiences from VKontakte, then parse the list of Instagram accounts from the database.

·       Segmento Target

Segmento Target is an online service that allows you to parse your audience from Vkontakte, Instagram and Odnoklassniki. The tool is constantly updating to provide users with more useful functions.

·       SocialKit

A computer application helps to sparse competitors and then gathers active subscribers from that list. In the same way, you can collect the target audience by hashtags.

·       Instaplus

A multifunctional service aims at promoting your account using any possible opportunity. Apart from collecting information, Instaplus is implemented to manage massfollowing and set a scheduled posting.

· impresses with a range of beneficial functions: massfollowing, massliking, massunfollowing, bot removal, search and filtering of the target audience.

·       InstaTurbo

InstaTurbo is a service for promotion with 24/7 tech support and weekly reports. It searches the target audience by hashtags, followers and subscriptions. Working on several accounts, it analyzes the effectiveness of promotion, and knows how to recognize bots, commercial and foreign profiles.

·       The outcomes

The abundance of effective tools and services give an opportunity to promote your product efficiently and increase the overall profit. Choose the most appropriate one and enjoy the results.