How to become popular on Instagram from scratch - without cheating and for free

In 2021, to become popular, you don't need to have special talents, it's enough to be sociable and be able to present your thoughts beautifully, But don't think…


In 2022, to become popular, you don't need to have special talents, it's enough to be sociable and be able to present your thoughts beautifully, But don't think that you’ll skip competition as Instagram* is used by more than one billion people. 


Everyone needs their piece of attention, even if it requires taking it from someone else because people’s attention is always limited. In this article, we’ll tell how to become popular on Instagram*.


Secure your profile


Before thinking about how to become popular on Instagram* make sure your account is safe. For that, read our instructions:


  • Make a password that is complex enough. Use a combination of capital and lowercase letters, numbers, and special characters. Avoid using words and phrases as passwords because they are easier to crack compared to a nonsense combination of various characters and letters. To be sure your account is safe, change your password once a month.
  • Go to Security Settings and turn on two-factor authentication.
  • Link your Instagram* account to other social networks.
  • Make sure there’s at least one personal photo of you in your profile. It’ll help you in case you need to restore your account through the procedure of proof of identity.

All the recommendations listed above aren’t meant to make your life more complicated. Your data is your property that needs to be protected. The information is also a value that’s why hackers like cracking personal profiles so much.


Switch to the business account

Sounds more difficult than it is because you only need to make several actions. If you want, you can switch your account back to the ordinary one. Though we recommend using a business account if you want to promote it.


How to switch to the business account:


  • Press your profile icon with an avatar below/
  • Press the Menu icon above.
  • Open your account and scroll down.
  • You’ll see two lines with blue letters. One of them is for switching to the business account.

In the business mode, you’ll have access to statistics that can help you understand which posts of yours are interesting for users.


Fill in your profile


  1. Profile description depends on what you’re going to promote. If it’s you that your avatar should be with your best photo possible. Learn to show yourself because Instagram* is all about beautiful pictures.
  2. If you’re going to promote an organization, your logo will do. Make sure that it’s not overloaded with details. Remember that your avatar is small and in comments, it gets even smaller so don’t choose a profile picture with many details on it.
  3. Write your niche in the description. If it’s difficult for you to do it, think more about what your content will be like. It should correspond to what is stated above. Your description and content should always match each other.
  4. Write your name and surname if you need people to know your real name. You can use a nickname instead. If you’re promoting an organization, write its name.

Explore your target audience


To become popular on Instagram* from scratch you need to understand what should be your audience. Everything that is promoted has its target audience. If you’re a blogger then there’re two types of people on Instagram* for you: the first one is interested in your content, and the second isn’t. For example, you’re promoting manicure. Then your posts will be seen by those who are into beauty services — and vice versa. 


The bigger your target audience is, the more active are these people in your profile. They improve your statistics. As a result, your posts will be recommended to those who aren’t subscribed to you yet. The more subscribers beyond your target audience you have, the worse. These people don’t like and comment anything.


Always think ahead

When you just start your blog, prepare several posts in advance. The reason is that people don’t like visiting empty pages. The more you prepare, the better — we recommend at least 10-15 posts. Plan your content for the month ahead. Train yourself to think strategically. If you have an insight on what to post here and now, make stories. They are more suitable for spontaneous content.


Here are some ideas for your publications:


  • Make your guides. For example, you’re brilliant at cooking a certain dish. Share it with others.
  • People like being shocked. It’s not important if it evokes joy or anger, they just can’t remain indifferent to what they’ve seen. The only rule is not to harm people and hurt their feelings.
  • Make collections of 5-10 of your favorite films, books, and series. Recommend anything to your audience. Subscribers like knowing what their favorite bloggers breathe, watch and listen to.
  • Day by day, when you are more valuable, you’ll gather people who want to know about you more than you’re planning to share. Don’t answer straightaway. You’d better collect all questions and answer those that are the most frequently asked.
  • if you have an idea for a post that is beyond 2200 symbols, split it into several ones. In the first post state that you’ll share the next part when this one has enough likes, but don’t set an unachievable level for your subscribers. Also, make sure that your text catches attention so that people are eager to read the continuation.
  • Don’t forget about hashtags so that your posts can be easily found. There can be up to 30 of them, but we recommend a maximum of 10 which are the most relevant.
  • Don’t leave photos without text because subscribers want to know your thoughts.


How to make people subscribe to your account


Instagram* is more about beautiful presentation than the sense. However, you should add it too to balance your visual content.


Are there any recommendations on how to make the content more attractive so that people get stick to it as flies to catching strips? Sure. Now we’ll share how to do that.


The best way to present your content


How to make your photos for posts better:


  • Pay attention to the works of experts and leaders of their niches, try to imitate them, and bring something of your own. Don’t be afraid to learn from the best. In some time, you won’t need to imitate and will understand what you want to see in your pictures.
  • Try to take photos in daylight as at night the quality of photos is significantly worse.
  • Don’t mix daylight and electric light. It’s a fatal mistake for your picture. You should always choose only one type of light.
  • Don’t use many filters. Maybe it was fashionable in the past, but in 2021 natural photos are more attractive.
  • As there’s a certain dress code in offices, your posts should also be designed in one style. It will bring visual harmony to your profile. People are more attracted to something that looks like professional work.
  • One common style in your profile is great, but it shouldn’t be boring. Make your photos differ so that one can’t predict what you’ll post next. For example, you can go beyond posting only square photos because picturesque landscapes usually don’t fit in this shape.
  • Try to show people’s faces often. These photos get 40% more likes. People are social and aimed at paying attention to faces because it’s something that is based on our instincts. Use this nature’s gift for your profit.
  • Use blue and yellow colors. They are thought to be the best for building a trustful relationship between a service and a client, you and your audience. That’s why Facebook and Twitter and other social networks are made blue. But don’t limit yourself to these colors because on Instagram* soft light pastel hues such as beige and ivory are also popular.


Learn how to interest your audience


It’s not enough to make your account beautiful. Don’t be banal because people will scroll you. They are used to consuming luxurious life all the time. On one hand, you should fit this high standard, on the other — present your content in your manner to stand out.


Short simple videos are your leverage


The first thing people look at when they open Instagram* is stories. Make them regularly. People are already used to receiving information that is presented quickly and shortly. Stories always appear in the upper section when you open the application so they’re always in sight.


Don’t forget about live streams. This way you help people learn more about you and get familiar with you. The live stream format makes your subscribers more devoted and loyal.


Focus attention


You’ll need to focus the audience's attention on something specific. Numbers are one of the tools to do that. A price, discounts, dates of contests, and so on draw the attention of people because they’re precise.


Text can’t express emotions so if you add some emojis it will be easier to understand. Use emojis as list markers, too. They help the audience follow your thought in the text.


Share subscribers


Negotiate sharing audience with other bloggers. For example, you can tell about someone’s account so that they tell about you in exchange. Add hashtags. Choose bloggers with your target audience to not waste your effort.


Communicate with your audience


This way you’ll increase their devotion and make new acquaintances that will be helpful for you in the future. The skill of being social on Instagram* is crucial. You should have it by default so that you can successfully promote yourself.




One more tip to learn: a rule of three hours states that if your photo doesn’t get popular in this amount of time, it will never do. Don’t put all your soul into one publication — you should have effort for the following ones.


Pay as much attention to a post or stories as it makes sense to you. Your energy isn’t limitless so take care of it.