Creative advertisement for Instagram

In this article, we'll learn how to design creative for Instagram ads that will attract potential customers and make them click a link.


Internet advertising is different from what you see on TV, and it's more targeted and has a higher conversion rate. We are talking about the kind of advertising you see daily on social networks like Instagram. These moving video banners and attractive offers have become common for us today. Banners mostly look alike, so users keep scrolling through the ads. But why do we still visit the website sometimes? It's all about high-quality banners. In this article, we'll learn how to design creative for Instagram ads that will attract potential customers and make them click a link.

How effective is the creative ads format?

Simple answer, it's effective enough. People don't want to spend a lot of time on advertising, and they are not interested in long posts about the benefits of a product or service. Even a commercial for 1 minute can last "forever" in the user's head. What will help in such a case?

An advertising creatives for Instagram video lasts up to 15 seconds. It contains important information, the "main idea" for the client, like price, etc. This kind of banner is specially designed in pretty colors, and such a design will guarantee that the potential client will never miss your advertisement.

The basics of a creative advertisement

First, you need to start searching for images, videos, and PNG files. The project you are doing Instagram creatives for could send all the needed images. The most important thing is the quality of provided content, and the worst mistake designer can make is presenting a low-quality image. Next step, you must create a banner. The project's main goal - is to increase sales, get more subscriptions, and attract new customers.

You do not require some professional skills to make this type of video. Learn about video editing software, and use your creative ability while working.

Focusing on the target audience

Please make sure you know your audience, the factors that can annoy them, and who are the people you wish to attract. Without this information, you will not succeed.

For successful creative work, perform a deep analysis of your target audience. Then try a variety of pictures till you find one with the highest conversion and use it for your banner.

Proper choice of images

Creative ads for Instagram can include high-quality selfies, amazing photos, and videos. The subject is important for every project; otherwise, you'll do a creative ad for some agricultural company and put a Switzerland landscape in it. Remember, beautiful images get a lot of likes and just as many responses.

Using Instagram Stories

Try to use stories in addition to attractive photos in your banners. In stories, you must put ads that fit in with your account's feed, and a natural feed will keep potential customers from being annoyed. Therefore, the initial commercial purpose of a creative video should be obvious by the special marker or hyperlink. Since you are familiar with stories, you can use advertising templates for Instagram creatives.

Interesting posts

Can you attract an Instagram user immediately? If so, you're a superhuman, and you can perform more than that. Otherwise, learn about every method, which will help immediately attract a potential customer.

While writing a post on Instagram, remember that not every person will stay and read the entire promotional post. So the most important information must be put in the first part of the post.

Catchy headlines

In creative posts, show the benefit to your customer. Why should I buy exactly from you? What specialties do you have? The catchy text has its own benefits.

The post should include a few words describing Instagram creativity, so the target information will be visible on the creative ad in the first twenty seconds of the clip. Also, your description must be brief and clear.

Impress your reader.

Use some impossible catchphrases in your creatives:

"Work from anywhere in the world," "Get 200,000 subscribers in TikTok in 2 months," "Earn 50 dollars a day, working on from mobile for 2-3 hours." Thus, you can attract a reader, "Hit a nerve," meaning that users will view ads and maybe even click on the link and possibly order the product. The important note - is that your advertisement must be the real deal and not some fake thing or scam made up for the advertising purpose.

Seasonal Marketing

Seasonality is rarely considered an essential factor, but in this business, you should pay attention to all aspects. In marketing, there is a special selection of which type of media you will use in your ad. If it's wintertime, try applying a winter model in the advertisement. If it's summer - pick a photo of a sunny beach. It mainly depends on the product or service you provide.

Stand out amongst your competitors.

At the end of the "catchy" creative ad, it's essential to put a lead magnet. This thing helps to get a large number of clicks on your link.

Don't be afraid to describe your advantages over your competitors, show what makes you different, and what is your USP (universal selling proposition).

To be more competitive, try providing a discount, a promotion, a gift for subscribing, a free first lesson, etc. You must attract the target audience, so feel free to use any existing methods.

Examples of High-Quality Creative Advertisements

While working on creative advertising for Instagram, many people rely on unique content, uncommon stories, attractive images, and various images. This is the work for targeting specialists who are interested in finding new strategies that will help to attract the target audience. Advertising banner creators frequently appeal to the client's mind rather than emotion, relying on human values. One of the best creative advertising methods is "before and after," which gives a high conversion rate.

The text is also attractive. Just write it correctly. If it is an advertisement for your blog, specify the benefit to the potential subscriber: What will they get or learn? Help your audience visualize how their life will change after they read the blog and subscribe to you. These are the main examples of making creatives for Instagram.

Also, try using videos in your banners more often than photos. Dynamics make viewers stop, as much as it sounds like.