Top apps to access Instagram in 2022

The blocking of Instagram has become a real problem for many people. They had to decide how to recover lost communications and data quickly.


The blocking of Instagram has become a real problem for many people. After all, it is not just a social network but also a platform to promote and sell products. Thousands of small businesses have lost the opportunity to communicate with their clients, and ordinary users are now unable to look at their friends' pages. People had to decide how to recover lost communications and data quickly.

But no matter how tragic everything may seem like there is a solution for users because there are ways to log in to Instagram. For example, it is possible using a VPN. It is worth mentioning right away that, at the moment, there is no penalty for this, which means that you can continue entering Instagram and use it for work or entertainment.

So how do people log in to a restricted social network? If we talk about working methods, we can mention the following software to make Instagram work:

  • VPN for Instagram on Android and iPhone.
  • VPN extension for the browser.
  • Browsers that support VPN.
  • VPN for Windows Desktop.

To understand how to use these tools, you first need to be familiar with the concept of a VPN.

How many types of VPN protocols are there?

Different VPN programs are available for users. And to understand which VPN program for Instagram is right for you, it is essential to understand their types.

According to the structure, we can distinguish the following types of VPN:

  • For Android - works exclusively on smartphones with this OS.
  • For iOS - compatible only with Apple hardware.
  • For Windows - works only on PCs and laptops with this operating system.
  • Browser Extension - designed for popular browsers.

So, It will help if you download the app to access Instagram based on which device you will use to log in to the social network.

In addition, a VPN for Instagram can be:

  • Free. Such an application is provided to the user cost-free, and financial savings attract customers to use such services. However, it is worth bearing in mind that free programs may not be safe. In addition, they often work with interruptions, as they have restrictions on traffic and do not support the Russian language, which can be a problem. If there is a difficulty with such software, the customer support of the service will likely not help the clients.
  • Partially free App. In this case, the client can use the program for free but with some limitations, and most of the application options will not be available to him.
  • Paid. Reliable services that provide fast and secure access to blocked content. You can subscribe to them, although the customer will have to pay a monthly fee. Subscriptions will be charged automatically, and the subscription can be deactivated anytime.

You can check some of these apps to pick which app to download for using Instagram.

10 best VPNs for Instagram

  1. HideMy.Name
    Speed: 91 Mbit/s
  2. Surfshark
    Speed: 67 Mbit/s
  3. CyberGhost
    Speed: 43 Mbit/s
  4. Turbo VPN
    Speed: 42 Mbit/s
  5. ExpressVPN
    Speed: 34 Mbit/s
  6. TouchVPN
    Speed: 29 Mbit/s
  7. ProtonVPN
    Speed: 21 Mbit/s
  8. Browsec
    Speed: 20 Mbit/s
  9. IPVanish
    Speed: 19 Mbit/s
  10. NordVPN
    Speed: 11 Mbit/s

How to install a VPN on Android

The user has to enable and configure the VPN himself. First, you need to download and install the VPN on your mobile phone. After that, follow the standard launching procedure. Now you need to configure the VPN on Android by installing an app to make Instagram work on your phone.

It is only required to:

  • Select VPN from the list above or search Play Market.
  • Press "Install.
  • Wait until it downloads and installs.
  • Log into the application, and now you can connect to the network and use the application.

Now any website will be accessible to you. This is how you can use Instagram on Android.

How to install a VPN on iPhone

iOS offers users the option to activate a VPN through the App Store. This requires:

  • Select VPN from the list above or search the App Store.
  • Select the application, and click "Download.
  • Install the application.
  • Connect and use it. Now you can "change" the country of your location.

Since, in this case, you will be using a free server, it is possible that the loading of data from Instagram will slow down, and sometimes the server will not work, and you will have to restart the whole procedure. You need to reopen the service (application) with the list of countries through the proxy and try to change it to another.

If this way of connecting VPN is not suitable for you, it is advisable to download another matching VPN program on your phone. After that, complete the standard procedure of installing the application. When everything is ready, it remains to run the application. Sometimes the program starts working as soon as the user clicks the connection button.

How to set up a VPN in your browser

You need to download and install any extension you prefer to enable VPN in your browser. The server will only function in the browser installed and will not affect third-party applications.

For example, let's look at how to run an extension in the Opera browser:

  • Open the "Opera addons" store.
  • In the search box, enter "VPN" and press the "Enter" button.

Selecting a VPN server in your browser

  • From the displayed list, select any server, and add it to Opera.

When the process is complete, an icon will appear on the screen, clicking on which you can select a country from the list and turn on the VPN.