How to make a newsletter on Instagram - instructions, examples, services.

Step-by-step instruction on how to make a newsletter on Instagram and Direct with tips from the experts


Promoting a product or a service on Instagram, people are focused on finding new followers and potential clients. However, sometimes they forget about the level of loyalty of the already existing audience. These subscribers may appear the most long-standing customers. To keep them aware of all the events from the company's life, it is advisable to implement such an incredibly useful tool as a newsletter.

A newsletter on Instagram is a quick and effective way to get information to your audience. The main purpose of this instrument is increasing sales. With a newsletter you may raise the amount of sales significantly avoiding enormous investment. So how to make a newsletter by contacts on Instagram? To reach such a goal you need to create an attractive offer, matching interests of your target audience and establish right intervals.

Why do you need a newsletter on Instagram?

Instagram newsletters are an ideal tool for keeping existing subscribers up to date with the company's news and upcoming products. Such technique engages customers and forces them to check the profile for appealing offers. 

A newsletter on Instagram aims at solving the following tasks:

- to greet new followers;

- to present a new product;

- to tell about the tempting offers;

- to remind about the need to make an appointment;

- to gather feedback;

- to find partners.

The main rule is not to go beyond the limit. If you send more than 100 messages per day, Instagram may block your account for spam actions.


How to make a newsletter in Direct on Instagram?

Instagram is a rich source of useful tools for business promotion. A newsletter in Direct is among the most popular instruments from the list. It appears incredibly beneficial in finding new customers, increasing your sales and utilizing an effective advertising channel. 

In general, there are two ways of making a newsletter in Direct – manually and with the help of professional services. If you need to send just a few messages, you can do it easily by yourself. However, if you need to send more than 100, do you have so much time and desire? Moreover, usage of automatic programs excludes a human factor and does its task efficiently and without questions. It is advisable to use a specialized service to facilitate and make the process more effective.

How to choose a service?

The abundance of services on the modern market provides users with a huge number of options. Let's find out how to choose the right service.

-          The necessary function. The bigger number of functions is present, the bigger sum of money you have to pay. When you address the service, make sure it has the right function for your business. Nobody wants to pay for an unnecessary additional pack of options.

-          Additional features. Set the desired form of your newsletter and look for the organization to bring this form to life. The features of messages, purpose and frequency are greatly predetermined by the possibilities of the program itself.

-          Number of accounts. If you're promoting like a professional, choose a service that allows you to send newsletters from multiple accounts linked to one account at once.

-          Compliance with limits. Make sure in advance that the service will comply with the limits set by Instagram. Overcoming these limits leads to blocking a profile.

Setup guide

After you choose the necessary service, you can launch a mass mailing.  As all the services mostly work within the similar procedure, we can identify the most important steps to perform.

Step 1 - Choosing an occasion for a newsletter

A newsletter is a wise choice on almost any occasion. It helps to keep your customers updated and aware of all the news, beneficial offers, and discounts. Moreover, it gives more opportunities for solving some unpleasant moments connected with business. We found out several situations when a newsletter plays a crucial role in promotion.

Greeting subscribers

New subscribers will be pleased when they obtain an original welcome message with a story about your company or a promo code for their first purchase. It makes them feel special and increases loyalty to your brand.

Advertising products / services

Keep your audience aware of new arrivals, tell your subscribers about sales hits, and advise them to start getting to know your company by buying popular products.

Promotion awareness

Describe a special offer that is valid for a limited time to your clients. Focus on a personalized offer for subscribers to motivate them to buy now.

Feedback collection

Thank the customers for buying products of your brand and ask them to give feedback. They can send pleasant words or suggestions for improvements, and read everything. The most favorable messages you can post in timeless stories to attract new clients.

Announcement of an entry

If you provide specialized services, you may show concern for your clients by reminding them about an appointment or procedure with a direct message, where you write the appointment time, service, etc.

Holiday greeting

Send congratulatory messages. It is a great way to remind your contacts about your organization in the happiest time. It's also a good idea to congratulate them on the round date of your collaboration. Give your subscribers small gifts in the form of promo codes, discounts, and special delivery terms.

Partner Search

Look for the most reputable brand in your sphere. Send an offer of cooperation to opinion leaders, offer favorable terms or mutual PR.

Step 2 – Authorization and message creating

The first step you need to do is to open the official website of the chosen instrument and undergo the process of a standard registration. Then connect the social network account from which you want to send messages to the service. Find the newsletter option and select the audience.

Proceed with entering the message you want to send. Some services set limits on the number of symbols, or usage specific ones, like emoji. Setting may vary depending on the tool, so be ready to adjust the text a little bit. Push the button Launch and the process starts. 

Step 3 - Choosing your audience

Pay special attention to this step to make sure you reach an active target audience and don't waste your mailing budget.

Services offer various settings to direct messages to the right people. You may create a group of recipients either from your followers, or using hashtags, geoposition, etc. Some instruments can also analyze the number and age of posts, the presence of an avatar and links in a profile, and the content of certain words in an account description. This way you can send messages to part of your base.

Newsletter tips

Text may appear an effective tool for increasing sales, especially when it is seen by the audience in private messages. To make the message attractive and appealing to customers, look through the following tips.

-          Write only the main idea of the message. Do not inform people about the uninteresting information without any sense for them. Nobody likes to read long messages.

-          Use catching and selling titles. Insert involving and intriguing phrases focused on people's problems or sensitivities.

-          Express creativity in formatting. Bright pictures, friendly style, different types and color of letters, paragraph division – all of these make an ordinary text visually nice.

-          Insert links. A link to the account's selling post attracts more attention from the contacts. Second, an active link will increase the reach of a particular post.

-          Launch several samples. Include various words of the same meaning, for example greetings, to avoid blocking and send more messages.

-          A\B testing. Write and launch several newsletters of different styles and analyze the outcomes. Such easy analysis gives a vivid picture of which approach is more effective and brings more customers.

-          Limits. Observe the limits on the number of sends, otherwise Instagram will block your profile. From one account it is allowed to send 70 messages per day to subscribers and 50 messages to users who are not subscribed to you.

-          Time. Run your mailing list when most of your subscribers are online to increase open rates. To do this, analyze your profile statistics in advance by hours and days of the week.    

What are the outcomes?

A newsletter on Instagram is widely implemented in promoting commercial companies, it is actively used by online shops, representatives of infobusiness, bloggers-experts to increase the number of customers and sales growth.

The professional services are always ready to utilize the most advanced functions for successful mailing. Doubled with a rational and creative approach to writing the content, they may lead to a whole pack of benefits and business prosperity.